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Harmful Ingredients to Avoid in Cosmetics

Cosmetics are a fantastic way to keep your skin energetic for a more extended period and nourish it from time to time. However, choosing the appropriate brand of cosmetics is also an essential thing. Nowadays, many fake brands of cosmetics have been introduced globally that cause a lot of damage to people’s skin. For the same reason, you should be aware of the components that should be used and the ones that should be avoided in cosmetics.

Proper knowledge about the toxic ingredients to avoid in cosmetics will help you deal with the fake cosmetic companies and get the right one for yourself for sure.

Some Toxic Ingredients to be Avoided in Cosmetics:-

There exist some miserably toxic ingredients that should be avoided totally from being used in making cosmetics. They are the ingredients to avoid in skincare products that exclude makeup as well. This is because these ingredients have many harmful factors that can damage the health of your skin to a great extent.

Some of these harmful or toxic ingredients that need to be avoided from being included in the makeup and cosmetics can be listed as follows-

Added Fragrance:

Added fragrance irritates the skin, which ultimately results in itching and rashes. These rashes may leave permanent marks on your skin, and that is why people should avoid cosmetic products that have a lot of fragrance in them, for sure.


Phthalates are those ingredients that make plastic much more robust and durable. The use of phthalates is inconsiderable in cosmetics as it can give you internal and external toxicities, various reproduction issues. At its extreme peak, it may also cause you cancer. So, the use of phthalates should not be done on your skin if you want to remain miles away from illness and especially cancer.

toxic ingredients


Nowadays, the use of ethanolamine has increased to a great extent in various cosmetic and makeup products. However, it is a hazardous ingredient to be used in cosmetics and can cause many skin allergies and side effects to the skin. That is why the usage of the same should be skipped. Otherwise, the product becomes fake or dangerous for application on your skin.

All the above harmful ingredients to avoid in makeup makes it clear to you that if you see any of these ingredients on the content list of your makeup or cosmetic kit, then you should immediately skip using the products of that company. You should also make sure that you also alert as many people as possible about the same.