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Coconut oil for sunscreen for sun damage

When it comes to using coconut oil for sunscreen for sun damage, then you should know that most people use this natural oil to get tanned. If you ask your grandma, she will tell you how she uses natural oils on the skin and exfoliates her skin to the sun to get tanned. It is one of the best techniques to get tanned. As you scroll through the different pages on the internet, you will see that many people use coconut oil to protect their skin from sun rays.

You should also know coconut oil is the natural oil that will absorb most sun rays but at a certain level. It does not guarantee you sun rays protection because of its SPF value. When it comes to using coconut oil as sunscreen, it is not useless as we know that using sunscreen will protect against sun damage, but you should also know that it will come with many disadvantages.

sun damage,

Following are the various disadvantages which you can face by using the sunscreen:-

  • Photo allergic reactions
  • Skin tumor
  • Hormone disruptor
  • Reef bleaching

When you read different articles on the internet related to most people, switch to coconut oil as a natural sunscreen, but you have to know all about it before hitting the product. SPF is the value sun protection factor that will determine how many times the product will protect your skin from harmful radiation. Before buying any sunscreen or applying any natural ingredients to your skin, you have to check the form of the product.

If the product has an SPF of around 15, it will help you protect your skin 15 times stronger radiations. But when it comes to natural oils, you should know that they have shallow SPF values compared to sunscreen. For example, olive oil and coconut oil have the 7 SPF value, which is not good enough to protect your skin from intense radiation. It means if you apply coconut oil to your skin, it will save you from 7 times stronger radiation.

You should also know that if you use a non-toxic coconut oil sunscreen recipe, you will not get any redness and rashes on your skin, but it does not mean that UV rays will not damage your skin. You can use coconut oil on your skin by mixing it with sunscreen. With this, your skin will get protection,  and the effect of the sunscreen will reduce.