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Overlining techniques for full lips

Nowadays, making your lips look bigger than it is becoming the most popular trend among the influences and celebrities. When you scroll down on any social media app, you will see that your friends and most of the actors are also trying to make a perfectly smooth pout by overlining techniques for full lips. With this technique, you will get the extra texture to your lip, but you will need more than lip liner for that.

Following are the steps by which you can readily get your lips to look more prominent, and these ways to overdraw your lip will give you effective results.

Exfoliate your lip:-

If you try to achieve the overlining look, you have to prepare your lip for the face. Firstly, scrub your lip with a great product to help you get rid of dead skin from the lip. It will give you a smooth surface to try the overlining technique.

Apply lip balm:-

To smoothen the surface of your lip applies lip balm to your lip. The lip balm will help you to keep hydrated. You can also wear the products very efficiently with lip balm.

apply lip balm

Apply primer to your lip:-

We apply primer on the face to smoothen the skin and apply makeup on it. Similarly, we should also try the primer on the lip for smooth skin. The primer will give you a great base to apply lip products.

Choose lip liner:-

When it comes to overline your lips with a lip liner, you have to choose the liner to give your natural effect. If you are doing natural makeup, you have to select the liner with the natural color and not too shimmery and matte. It will not give your lip a natural finish. You also have to choose neutral colors for the lip liner.

choose lip liner

Shade the corners:-

When you are shading the lip liner over the lines, you have to use contrast colors to darken the corners of the lips. When you use the contrast color, it will give you the best look.

Define your cupid’s bow:-

Putting x on your cupid’s will give you a nice finish at the end because it will help define the lip’s lining.

Fill it in:-

It is the last step of the overlining lip technique. After that, you have to fill the lip with the lip shade, which will give you a nice fluffy lip look.