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Ways to get rid of yellow nails

Most of the time, women put fake nails to show off and make your hand look attractive. However, when you eat enough vitamins and proteins, it will help your natural nails to grow at a certain speed. With your natural nails, you can skip the fake nails part and show off your natural nails. But after some time, you will face the discoloration of the nails. There are several reasons by which your nails will turn into a yellowish color.

When your nails start to grow, you will wish that they should be white and clear, but due to several reasons, they will turn into a pale yellowish color. It will not look so good when you go outside. Following are some reason by which the nail color turn into the yellow:-

  • When you use dark color nail paint for a longer time on your nails, the nail discoloration will start.
  • If you are consuming Tar and Nicotine daily, you will also face yellow nails.
  • Other than the above reason, you can have a fungal infection if you observe some white and yellow spots below the nail.

discoloration of the nails

Following are the most popular ways to get rid of yellow nails by using simple DIY methods:-

If you are looking for the best results, you first have to know that because it turns yellow. With this, you can quickly whiten your nails at home.

Whitening pencil:-

It is one of the popular ways to try at your home. First, you have to take the whitening pencil which you can buy from any store in the market quickly. Then, you ah veto clear the previous nail paint from the nails and wet the tip of the whitening pencil. After that, color all the nail tips with a pencil.

Whitening toothpaste:-

It is one of the methods which has its usage for the ways to whiten stained nails. For this method, you need whitening toothpaste and an old brush. Take toothpaste on the brush and scrub the brush over nails till the discoloration disappears from the nails.

Lemon juice:-

It is an effective way when it comes to yellow nails. You have two know about this process. You have to have patience. Take half squeezed lemon and mix it with the warm water in the shallow bowl. Soak your fingers into the water fur about 10-15 minutes daily. The traditional method will give effective results.