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How to master a chignon bun hairstyle

Chignon bun hairstyle is a very classic and popular hairstyle among girls. This hairstyle is very manageable and cute-looking will. You can easily do this hairstyle at home. But to get a perfect Chignon bun, you have to go through some steps. In this article, I am going to take you through those steps one by one so that you can be a master in this. So, let’s start.

● Clean your hair:

Before styling your hair, always clean your hair. You can wash it with a mild shampoo or any shampoo you like and then condition it. Now it is ready for styling.

Make a side partition and keep it untied:

Then part your front hair into two parts. Keep one part untied and loose. Comb it well.

● Tie a ponytail in the back:

The next step is to tie the hair together without that one untied part in a back ponytail. Also, tie another elastic band in the end part of your pony.

● Start looping the pony behind in a bun style:

Now, start looping the ponytail from the tips. Remember one thing, and it should look like a bun. The bun may look quite messy, but it will be ok after completing the look. Secure it with pins to keep it in place.

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● Brush the front untied partition and cover the base of the bun with it:

Now, take the front untied part and brush it thoroughly to get rid of tangles. Now take it and cover the bun’s base so that the rubber band of the pony does not sneak out.

● Secure with pins:

Secure your hair with pins or clips to prevent mess. This will keep in place for a whole day. Now you are ready with a perfect Chignon bun for your day.

These are the steps you should follow to master a Chignon bun hairstyle.