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Ways to Moisturize those Brittle Nails

Taking care of yourself and pampering yourself starts with nail paints and ends up with manicure, pedicure, and body treatment. However, everyone has the same type or length of nails. Some people have rapidly growing nails which they can shape in a lot of different ways. While the others have brittle and tiny nails that do not attain their growth so easily. This upsets people to a great extent as such brittle nails cannot handle nail paints and nail arts.

In such circumstances, proper ways to moisturize those brittle nails should be searched for and chosen by the people to take the happiness of coloring them with different nail paints and shaping them in various forms.

Ways to Moisturize the Brittle Nails:-

Many different ways to moisturize the brittle nails can be experimented upon so that people can get rid of their dry and trim nails and get themselves pampered in the happiest possible way. Some of these tips to repair dry nails and make them solid and soft can be listed in detail as below-

brittle nails

Avoid using Formaldehyde-rich Nail Polishes:

Nail polishes, especially those with formaldehyde present in them, should be avoided from being used on your nails. Formaldehyde is a very harmful chemical that causes dryness to your nails and your hands. That is why avoiding formaldehyde-rich nail polishes is one most important ways to keep your nails moisturized naturally.

Acetone Containing Nail Removers should be Skipped from Usage:

Using acetone-containing nail removers will only cause rashes & allergies to your skin and bring total dryness to your nails. Your nails may also start losing their shine and will eventually become rough if you keep using the acetone-containing nail removers from time to time.

Wear Gloves while Cleaning & Washing the Dishes:

If you want to keep your nails strong for a more extended period, then you should make sure that you wash all the dishes and do the cleaning work with gloves worn in your hands. This will keep the nails away from losing their stiffness and result in maintaining the nails moisturized for a more extended period, that too without the use of any moisturizing agent for sure.

All the above ways will surely cure dry splitting nails and make them strong and moisturized. These ways will make it possible for you to grow your nails to as much height as you want and that too without causing any breakage of the same at all.