Skin Protection

Tips to protect hands from washing dishes

Sometimes you probably notice your hands or your mother’s hand that they have become so dry, cracked, or itchy. Many reasons may cause it, but the most common sense is the harsh chemicals present in dishwashing soaps or liquids. They come with many chemicals that are harmful to our skin and may cause dryness and itchiness in your hands. We can not stop using it, because we all need to clean our dishes. So, what can you do about this? In this article, I will share some tips that will help you protect your hands if you follow them. So, let’s start.

1. Avoid dishwashing liquids with SLS:

SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a very harmful chemical used in popular shampoos and dishwashers. Please check the ingredient list before buying any dishwasher liquid. SLS is a very harsh chemical that can cause hand irritation and itchiness. So, try to find soaps with natural ingredients.

2. Try not to use latex gloves:

Most people use gloves to prevent hand irritation from dishwashing liquids. But latex gloves can do the opposite for you. Latex gloves can cause allergic reactions to your hands and make them worse. So, use vinyl gloves instead.

3. Eat essential fatty acid-rich foods:

Essential fatty acids are necessary for our skin. Omega 3 fatty acids are necessary to make your skin bouncy and tight. You should include crucial rich acid-rich foods in your diet. Nuts, seeds, and fish oils are good sources of it.

moisturize your hands

4. Moisturize your hands:

The last thing is to moisturize your hands daily. This is a crucial step to keep your hands wet. You can use any glycerin or petroleum-based moisturizers. A vaseline is an excellent option for you. You should moisturize your hands every night before going to bed.
These are some tips for you that you should follow to protect your hands from dishwashing liquids.