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Eyebrow shapes for all meeting types

Eyebrow shaping has become a part of a girl’s self-care. Girls love to shape their eyebrows perfectly. But there are many eyebrow shapes available, but not every shape suits every face type. So, I am here to give you the right direction. In this article, I am going to share eyebrow shapes according to face types. So, let’s start.

Here I will be giving you the five most common face shapes in this list.

● Round face shape:

A round face shape is an overall face shape among girls. They probably want to make their faces look longer, like an oval. So, that your eyebrows should be arched and lifted. Lifted arches with angled eyebrows are perfect for a round face shape.

● Oval face shape:

Next, I am going to talk about oval face shape. According to my, an oval face shape is perfect for the face. Most people love their oval face shape, so they want something that will highlight their face shape. Slight arches with light angled eyebrows will be your perfect shape for eyebrows if you have an oval face shape.

● Heart-shaped face:

Heart face shape is wider in the temple area and narrower in the chin area. The 2000’s look will be perfect for this type of face. For that, you need high arched eyebrows for a long heart face shape and low arched eyebrows for a short heart face shape.

● Square face shape:

Square face shapes have more expansive temples and chin areas and probably equal in length. For this face shape, you should have a dark eyebrow. Wide eyebrows with defined arches will give an elegant look to these face types.

● Diamond face shape:

The last face shape which I will be talking about is the diamond face shape. In this face shape, they have narrow temples and chin with wider cheeks. For their wide cheekbones, they need something that cuts out the wideness of the cheek area. Round eyebrows will be a perfect one for you with a diamond face shape.